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Ceiling and Wall Water Damage Cleanup

Ceiling and Wall Water Damage Cleanup

Ceiling and Wall Water Damage Cleanup

Ceilings and walls are an integral part of the water damage cleanup process. There are many types of water damage and the water can cause damage to the wall material or paint. Drywall sucks the moisture right in and without proper restoration measures, can create a breeding ground for mold.

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Why Call Us when you need water damage restoration?

  • FREE Estimates 24/7
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  • Free Moisture Inspections With Thermal Camera To Find Hidden Leaks ($299 Value)
  • Locally Owned & Operated
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Certified Water Damage Restoration Experts

Water damage is water damage! The size and type of leak are not a concern when it comes to cleaning up the damage before it can destroy your walls and ceilings. In less than 48 hours, the water-damaged areas can begin mold growth, so time is of the essence.

Restoration 1 Manhattan provides the best water restoration services available. Our restoration team is trained and certified by the IICRC — the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. We have years of experience and the latest in technology. Call us now!

The Water Damage Restoration Process

When it comes to water cleanup, the correct process should be followed to ensure the best results. This is the water damage restoration process we use:

  1. Assessment: First, we provide a detailed inspection to find the source of the water damage. Our team analyzes the problem using sensitive moisture detection equipment, followed up with a complete quote.
  2. Mitigation: Next, to prevent further water damage, we remove the standing water, dry all affected areas, and treat the source.
  3. Dehumidification: After that, the entire area will be dehumidified to remove the moisture and prevent mold growth.
  4. Restoration: Once the water has been removed and the area is thoroughly dried, we can start to repair and restore the walls and ceilings.

From flooding to plumbing leaks, Restoration 1 Manhattan is capable of restoring water damage to your ceiling or walls fast. Give us a call today.

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